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Silma Pagán is an unpublished author of romance novels. She writes contemporary romance novels, mostly paranormal - vampires being her favorite - and fantasy, and romantic comedies. Now she is dabbling in romantica.

Being an only child and growing up in a neighborhood with no children to play with, she discovered books at an early age, and their magic fueled an already overactive imagination. So she became an avid reader. As a child, she read anything she got her hands on. While in high school, she saved her lunch money to buy books, which she later read during summer vacations.

Writing came as an extension, a way to deal with life and express emotions and ideas. First, as a child, she made up stories to entertain the adults. She couldn't write so she made drawing of each scene. Next, she wrote lyrics and little poems as a teenager. Then while in college, she became co-editor of the "Underground Sound" fanzine, where she published interviews and articles on local and underground rock bands. Her love for books led her to major in English Literature.

She never thought of writing seriously after graduation. However, the Muses kept bugging her, bringing her inspiration of stories for many years. Sometimes she would write a paragraph here, a dialogue there. But she never sat down to write seriously. Finally, two years ago, she decided to listen to them (or the Muses wouldn't let her be).

Silma still lives in Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment. You can find her either dancing by the shore of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by palms trees under a full moon or reading on the veranda while the sound of soft tropical rain falling on the leaves lull her imagination.




Romance Writer Association (RWA)
From the Heart
Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal

Useless Facts

 Sun Sign: Cancer
 Moon Sign: Virgo
 Ascendant: Aries
 Chinese Astrology: Snake
 Tarot Card: The Priestess


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