The sign of Virgo stabilizes the shifting effect of the Moon. Virgo is a sign of intelligence and practicality, which gives a sharp analytical bent to the Moon's influence. If you have the Moon in Virgo, you have a fine, discriminating mind. You do not pursue knowledge merely for the sake of learning; you figure out how to use what you learn. Your immediate reaction to the sense impressions you receive from the world around is to analyze what you have just seen and heard. You are meticulous in shifting through information and you tend to question whatever is told to you. Moon-Virgos are sometimes so skeptical they don't believe in what they see with their own eyes. You love to discuss ideas and probe into opinions held by others, though, that you will hold on to a theory until the facts prove you wrong. You are a seeker of truth, and you believe truth is what is left after lies have been exposed.

No one will call you a Pollyana or the kind who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. It is not that you are dour or pessimistic - it's just that you deal with life as it is. This practical realism makes you good at business and at handling money. Your eye is on the long-term profit rather than immediate gain, and you are concerned with security and providing for your old age.

As a Moon-in-Virgo person you bring an extra touch of perfectionism and professionalism to everything you do. Methodical in your approach to problems, you figure out exactly what needs to be done and then tackle the issue a step at a time. But you have a tendency to worry, to fret over the things that might go wrong and try to cover all contingencies. You think that too much good work is ruined by the lack of just a little more effort, so you don't spare yourself and are often fussy and critical with others.

Somewhere in the back of your mind is a long list of preferences that rarely go unnoticed by your subconciuos self. Through your Virgo Moon, you are drawn into a world of fine details. It is those fine points that titillate your interest and add to your sense of perfection. You are much more sensitive than others think you are, and may even be more sensitive than you realize.

You love it when you have had a good day - one of those times when you have produced something that meets with your high standards. Your mind is continually busy analyzing everything, and if you are without a positive focus you can waste your energy worrying about trivia. Developing the patience and deliberate focus required to filter your thoughts and slow down your ever-spinning mind is your best venue for creating inner peace.

Your eyes shine when you have a chance to give of yourself and realize positive results of your service. Whether you are teaching what you know, concentrating on improving something, or building a foundation of greater knowledge - it is the process of personal development that ultimately allows you to accept yourself and gain a true sense of individual worth and power.

Logic is the discipline you live by, and you find it frustrating to deal with minds that are illogical or scatterbrained. You think such people belong in Disneyland, not in the real world. Discriminating in the people you choose for friends, you are also selective about the cultural activities you take part in. There is a certain judgemental quality that you bring to almost any situation. No experience washes over you aimlessly; you always learn a lesson from it.

Moon-in-Virgo women are sometimes thought to be unfemenine and cold because they are usually so efficient, thorough, and well organized - qualities that most people don't associate with the word "femenine." Women are also reserved and shrink from sentimentality and gushiness.

In matters of love Virgo-Moon people don't have a lot of self-confidence. One might think that the ideal mate for you would be someone intelligent, logical, nice looking, and neat, but how many can marry a clone? Actually, you are attracted to people who are more emotional and effusive, less calculating, more readily able to express their feelings.

No matter what your Sun Sign may be, the Virgo-Moon qualities of caution and seriousness show up in your personality. If your Sun Sign is a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Virgo Moon lends greater dimensions to your emotional nature, for you are blessed with a rare combination of psychic truth and hardheaded realism.

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