An earnest Snake with kindly wisdom and a prophetic understanding of what is going to prevail in the course of events, especially in history. He has a need for complete intellectual freedom, but in his affections he will be constant and enduring. He seeks emotional stability as well as financial security. This type of Snake will express himself well and could be an eloquent speaker.

The Wood element in conjunction with his fixed element of positive Fire will make him very interesting. He will shine like a beacon light, attracting instead of pursuing the objects and people he desires.

He will have expensive habits and could be vain about his personal appearance. Because he craves admiration and public approval, he will do his utmost to achieve lasting and large-scale success.

The Wood Snake is well-informed but he gathers knowledge not for its own sake but to put such information to everyday use. Good judgement, discretion and a sharp sense of values will make him a superb investor and appreciator of the fine things in life. Here is an amenable Snake who will be very close to art, music, the theater and the beauty of the Earth.

taken from: Chinese Horoscope